Pop songs? Really?

Ripped Reminder January 23, 2017

We see our desired beauty in almost everything, when we look for it with authentic sincerity.

ESPECIALLY in pop songs – yup.  I’ve made it a fun and insightful practice to listen to the words of many pop songs to see if reframing the words supports my ongoing process to further meet my needs for introspection, awareness, self-appreciation, and drive. As such, I started a playlist of songs. It also includes songs that are simply uplifting and motivating.  Examples of both include:

At times, I need to think of myself in the 3rd person or think in terms of parts of me (as opposed to all of me) for this process of reframing to “work.”

What do you hear when you are jamming out to your favorite songs?

Can you reframe what is probably about love for or inspiration from someone else, to love for and inspiration from yourself?

 One Law

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