“Sales” is Really Only Three Things

I think I’ve come to find that “sales” is really only communication. And it isn’t really about ‘getting someone to buy,’ but to help put supply and demand together. In the world according to Chris, I think this comes down to three things:

  1. Having/Representing something that you REALLY believe in. Note: if you don’t REALLY believe in the thing you are ‘selling,’ go find something else that you REALLY do believe in. I’m sure you believe in several/many things – go sell those things. AND/OR, if you for some reason cannot leave the position in which you are selling something you don’t really believe in, in ways which you current think about that thing, then think about some part of the thing that you really do brought in, or what the thing is trying to do for others that you believe in…AND believe in yourself for taking on the role you have and WHY you are doing it (e.g., family, etc.). Find the deepest ‘why’ possible.
  2. Find “your people” – a large enough group of potential customers who you have a real shot in selling. This group MIGHT be SOME people who you have to help understand your thing/market first before you sell your thing, but maybe not. Maybe instead you focus only on people who already understand the idea of the thing you have/represent and among these, maybe they didn’t realize they have a latent need, or they are in the market looking for a thing like yours and now you are positioning yourself against competition. Either way, these people are in your ‘ballpark.’ Find and focus on them. There will be LOTS of people out there; focus on those who you have a shot with the fastest.
  3. Either set up the customer is a way that avoids resistance to your great new ideas altogether, or understand that your good ideas are most often going to be met with resistance AND THEN CONTINUOUSLY HELP THEM OVERCOME THEIR OWN RESISTANCE to your great ideas. This is where our ‘sales communications skills” come to bear. This is where we help our customers overcome their very real and rationale fears of spending money on something they are not sure about, or of what they think others will say or think, or of not “learning their lessons from last time” (whatever that ‘last time’ is). This is where we must be compassionate about the cons they perceive about buying your thing, and the positives of NOT buying your thing. This is where we ensure they can literally see a picture of the differences they will experience in their lives WITH your thing instead of without it. This is where we care for them, and hold their hand.

That’s it. Those 3 things are “sales” in my book.

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