Crazy for 8s

Ripped Reminder Jan 17, 2017

“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” ― Coco Chanel

Chris’ Commentary

Life gets (is) crazy. Sometimes we perceive a/our situation as out of control which then leads us to feeling trapped, powerless and often fearful of the unknown, AND fearful of the idea that the situation will never change and we’ll be stuck forever.  Pay attention to what you do next.  From what I understand, most people (me included!) enter a “Crazy 8” where they cycle back-and-forth between sadness/bitterness/depression, and anger/rage/frustration (and all related feelings) – see the image below.  For example, you might experience this as alternating between self-pity and wanting to kick someone’s a$$.

Image result for crazy 8 symbol

Also know that when one enters the Crazy 8, they’ll typically start on one side or the other and then cycle back-and-forth; I start on the anger side of the 8.

So yes, you could try to avoid the Crazy 8 altogether forever and yes, we are trying to create a civilization on Mars too…or, you could learn how to recognize and exit it…in healthy ways.

  1. Unhealthy ways: berating someone for having “done something to you,” drugs or alcohol to dampen the feeling, gamble, anything else that provides you with temporary distraction.
  2. Healthy options:
    • Change your model of the world and/or your rules of the game
    • Get better at recognizing the triggers that make you feel out of control and find different “go to” solutions to either side of the 8 (e.g., finding love and lessons in the situation, etc., etc., etc.)
    • Stop thinking the situation is happening TO you and realize that (1) YOU are causing the situation and/or (2) YOU are causing your perception of being out of control and/or (3) life is happening FOR you and not TO you
    • Be your creative human self and write down at least 3 possible ideas to either regain the control you think you’ve lost, or to enjoy and profit from the situation as it is

Which side of the Crazy 8 do you enter?

The last time you got yourself out of a tailspin in a healthy way, what did you do? How did you do it? Learn from that experience for the next time you find yourself feeling powerless.

One Law,

 –          Chris

Deserve This

Ripped Reminder February 3, 2017

“You get what you deserve” is a B/S statement.  You don’t deserve S&#*!  And…you don’t NOT deserve S&#* either.

Chris’ Commentary

#1. Something happens that you wanted to happen…or something does not happen that you didn’t want to happen.  Awesome!  Did you “deserve” this outcome? No.  You did things (or didn’t do things) that created this result.  Perhaps consciously with specific intent, or perhaps unconsciously.  Perhaps with the grace of some higher power, or perhaps not.   Either way, had you made different decisions, different outcomes would have resulted; but you didn’t…you made the ones that brought you your desired outcome.

#2. Something happens that you didn’t want to happen…or something does not happen that you wanted to happen.  Did you “deserve” this outcome? Again, no.  Same thing…you did (or didn’t do) things that resulted in these outcomes.

Important context…there are of course things that you can control, things that you can’t control but can influence, and things you can’t even influence.  So the above concepts can be easily torn apart, but apply these two things that you do have a large degree of control over, and see what you think, such as:

  • Money
  • Your participation in your relationships
  • Your health
  • Many other life “circumstances”

If you took the word “deserve” out of your life, how would you express what you want and don’t want when you get or don’t get it?

Think of 5 things you want, and 5 things you don’t want.  Then think of all of the things you are doing to produce those results. Is it enough? If you take “deserving” out of the equation, do you think you are doing what you need to do to get those results? It’s up to you, kids.

You can probably imagine what I think of the concept of “human rights” too, right?

One Law