Deserve This

Ripped Reminder February 3, 2017

“You get what you deserve” is a B/S statement.  You don’t deserve S&#*!  And…you don’t NOT deserve S&#* either.

Chris’ Commentary

#1. Something happens that you wanted to happen…or something does not happen that you didn’t want to happen.  Awesome!  Did you “deserve” this outcome? No.  You did things (or didn’t do things) that created this result.  Perhaps consciously with specific intent, or perhaps unconsciously.  Perhaps with the grace of some higher power, or perhaps not.   Either way, had you made different decisions, different outcomes would have resulted; but you didn’t…you made the ones that brought you your desired outcome.

#2. Something happens that you didn’t want to happen…or something does not happen that you wanted to happen.  Did you “deserve” this outcome? Again, no.  Same thing…you did (or didn’t do) things that resulted in these outcomes.

Important context…there are of course things that you can control, things that you can’t control but can influence, and things you can’t even influence.  So the above concepts can be easily torn apart, but apply these two things that you do have a large degree of control over, and see what you think, such as:

  • Money
  • Your participation in your relationships
  • Your health
  • Many other life “circumstances”

If you took the word “deserve” out of your life, how would you express what you want and don’t want when you get or don’t get it?

Think of 5 things you want, and 5 things you don’t want.  Then think of all of the things you are doing to produce those results. Is it enough? If you take “deserving” out of the equation, do you think you are doing what you need to do to get those results? It’s up to you, kids.

You can probably imagine what I think of the concept of “human rights” too, right?

One Law

Pop songs? Really?

Ripped Reminder January 23, 2017

We see our desired beauty in almost everything, when we look for it with authentic sincerity.

ESPECIALLY in pop songs – yup.  I’ve made it a fun and insightful practice to listen to the words of many pop songs to see if reframing the words supports my ongoing process to further meet my needs for introspection, awareness, self-appreciation, and drive. As such, I started a playlist of songs. It also includes songs that are simply uplifting and motivating.  Examples of both include:

At times, I need to think of myself in the 3rd person or think in terms of parts of me (as opposed to all of me) for this process of reframing to “work.”

What do you hear when you are jamming out to your favorite songs?

Can you reframe what is probably about love for or inspiration from someone else, to love for and inspiration from yourself?

 One Law